Jun 19, 2008


Small - $2.75
Medium - $3.75
Large - $4.75
Magnets - $2.50
Magnet Set (1 ornament, 3 magnets) - $10
Buy any 4, get 1 free!


Bob and Jen said...

Hello Good Apple Dumplins,

Can I place an order? I would like to get 2 sets of magnets (can I get assorted fruit?) for my 2 (twin) pals who have birthdays in October. Oh, and since my birthday is in October too, also an order for me;) I can send a check if that's easiest, just tell me where to send and the total. Obviously no hurry on this order, but wanted to get it to you in plenty of time. Also, a tiny suggestion for a possible inventory expansion...it would be so cute if you had a baby-themed magnet or ornament set. There are many little bundles arriving among family/friends and I would love to have something cute from Good Apple to top gifts with?? Just a thought...maybe little simple animals like piggies and hippos? See you soon!

victoria said...

so 3 magnet sets of assorted fruits? e-mail me at goodappleboutique@yahoo.com and we'll go about the order :) we do have cute little piggies and elephants that look adorable a top of gifts. they are $2.75. oh, and since you live close by i could bring over some inventory for the ultimate in home shopping!!