Feb 23, 2009

Easter's On Its Way

...find a spot to nestle them in your home...
~*~ make a cute centerpiece ~*~
***jazz up your easter baskets***


Feb 11, 2009

A Western Feature...

Thanks to gracieseggies for featuring our BERRY BARNYARD on her blog, in the section of "western themed items from etsy shops." Thank you gracieseggies!!! Be sure to check out her etsy shop for super cute goodies!!

Feb 10, 2009

coming soon...

GoodApple is excited to announce that our line of jewelry will soon be available for purchase at our Etsy site! Stay tuned for more info!

Feb 6, 2009

We Have A Winner!!

Thank you so much to all those who entered our contest!  We were happy to have some interest from NEW peeps too!  SO thank you! THANK YOU!! Please keep checking back for more contests, giveaways, and new goodies!!

Drummmm rooollll pleeeease.....

All names were copied on  strips of paper and placed in a basket.  Those who referred people received an extra strip(s).  The names were shaken around and then picked without looking.

thanks again to all who entered :) come back soon!

Jan 25, 2009

-> WIN from GoodApple!!! <-

!!!!win win win win win!!!!

Thanks to those you who have been viewing our ETSY shop (goodapple.etsy.com).  We'd like to encourage you to invite your friends, family, and fellow bloggers to check out GoodApple too. So... for some motivation :)  we're asking you leave  a comment on our Good Apple Boutique blog.  Just by leaving a comment you ARE entered in THE GIVEAWAY.  You only can comment ONCE but for every person you "invite" to the blog when they comment and mention YOUR NAME - not only are they entered in the giveaway, but that is ANOTHER ENTRY for you!!!  The more people who you refer and they let us know that YOU referred them...THE MORE CHANCES YOU HAVE.  

The drawing will take place FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2009.  

THE PRIZE: Lil'Bitty Apple Magnet Set (3).  TO see a set check out the site.

!!!good luck!!!

Jan 18, 2009

Berry Barnyard Buddies!

Introducing Good Apple's new line: the Berry Barnyard Buddies!
Adorable finger puppets for your beloved little ones.

Visit Etsy to purchase your set today!

Jan 12, 2009

Bitty Berries in RED & PINK...

...catch them while you can 
the good 

the bitty berries have always been a big hit.  but now with the glittered felt they're more desirable than ever to have on your fridge! 


Jan 11, 2009

Quick Sale!!

The magnets posted yesterday already sold out!!  But don't you worry - 2 new sets will be up soon - a glittery red and glittery pink!  Keep your eye on our Etsy site

Jan 10, 2009


Go to Etsy to see our new magnets!!  The bitty berry sets are here!

Jan 7, 2009

BReaKiNg NeWs...

We welcome our readers to our online shop @ ETSY.  
Check us out here or by clicking the photo links on the right.  

Jan 4, 2009

*~* 2009 *~*


2009 brings a GOOD APPLE BOUTIQUE that is new and improved.  We are committed to keeping your more up to date with our product line AND easier ways to get GOOD APPLE in your home today!!

We can hardly wait to show you what is in store...